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Farm and Production Plant




LiquaDry’s ambient temperature processing is not the only reason that our grass and alfalfa juice powders are of such high quality. The environment in which our crops grow is also vital to the quality of our products. LiquaDry’s certified organic farms are located in the rich soils of an ancient sea bed in Utah’s Desert.

This remarkable farm ground has runoff from millions of acres of wilderness. This runoff has been evaporating in our valley for many thousands of years, depositing a rare abundance of trace minerals.

Planting and harvesting schedule
In order to produce the highest quality grass juice powder, a precise planting and harvesting schedule is critical. The exact timing for when we harvest, is particularly critical. The duration for optimal maturity and for peak nutritional content, can be as little as four days.

To produce unsurpassed quality grass and alfalfa juice powder, we need more than four days to harvest. Therefore we stagger our planting schedule, and plant new crops, every few days. This allows us to enter our grass production season with crops of varying maturity.

LiquaDry’s grass production season
The highest quality grass juice powder can only come from grass that is grown and harvested in ideal weather conditions. Young cereal grasses grow best in cold weather, but if it is too cold the plant will freeze and not grow at all. The narrow tolerance for weather conditions gives a harvest window of about six weeks in the spring and fall. Our spring grass production season begins in mid April and our fall grass production season begins early October.


US Location
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