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LiquaDry uses a revolutionary process called BioActive Dehydration™, a proprietary drying process, which is capable of dehydrating almost any botanical liquid or slurry into a powder. With BioActive Dehydration™, LiquaDry™ produces juice powders that retain their natural qualities so well, when reconstituted in water they are virtually identical to fresh squeezed juice with essentially no degradation of color, flavor, aroma, enzymes, and nutrition.

A truly unique ambient temperature drying process.
Dries and stabilizes the product without altering or denaturing unstable compounds.
Results in juice powders that are virtually identical to fresh squeezed juices.

BioActive Dehydration™: The Process more >>>

All products are processed at ambient temperatures to preserve the natural vitamins, enzymes and nutrients. We use a proprietary OxyGuard™ system to prevent oxidization during the delicate stages of drying. Our processing gives you, our customer, the most powerful products on the market.

What is OxyGuard™?
OxyGuard™ is a Carbon Dioxide gas shield that protects our products from oxidization during the most delicate stages of drying.


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