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The genius of BioActive Dehydration™ is the capability of drying almost any liquid.
Below is a list of the products we carry in our inventory, and products we currently process. Please note that we have the capability of drying almost any botanical juice or extract, upon request.

Most products we carry in our inventory are 100% pure, and free of carriers, fillers, or binders. Fruit juices, however, are more hygroscopic and require a carrier to maintain end product integrity.

All products are processed at ambient temperatures to preserve the natural vitamins, enzymes and nutrients. We use a proprietary OxyGuard™ system to prevent oxidization during the delicate stages of drying. Our processing gives you, our customer, the most powerful products on the market.


Products we have processed:

• Alfalfa Juice Powder
• Green Papaya Powder
• Aloe Vera Juice Powder
• Kale Juice Powder
• Apple Juice Powder
• *KAMUT® Brand
    Wheat Grass Juice Powder
• Barley Grass Juice Powder
• Lemon Juice Powder
• Beet Juice Powder
• Lime Juice Powder 
• Bell Pepper Juice Powder
• Mango Puree Powder
• Blue-Green Algae
• Oat Grass Juice Powder
• Blueberry Juice Powder
• Orange Juice Powder
• Broccoli Juice Powder

  • Papaya Juice Powder
• Brussels Sprouts Powder
• Parsley Juice Powder
• Cabbage Juice Powder
• Pineapple Juice Powder
• Carrot Juice Powder
• Raspberry Juice Powder
• Cauliflower Juice Powder
• Spinach Juice Powder
• Cherry Juice Powder
• Swiss Chard Juice Powder
• Colloidal Mineral Powder
• Tomato Juice Powder
• Cucumber Juice Powder
• Watermelon Juice Powder
• Grape Juice Powder (Kosher)
• Wheat Grass Juice Powder
   *KAMUT is a registered trademark of KAMUT International, Ltd.
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